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Job Offer: 201559866785+ Buy real registered Qatar Prometric license:

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201559866785+ Buy real registered Qatar Prometric license

(201559866785+)Buy real registered Qatar Prometric license
we do not have any machines but we have resources in the various government departments/agencies or offices who we work with them directly in the registration process

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We provide fastest, reliable and hassle-free registration and Dataflow services for foreign AND LOCAL licensing through our resource PERSONNELs working in The DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONS (DHP) – MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH (MOPH) – STATE OF QATAR

INFORMATION ABOUT THE Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP)- Ministry of Public Health (MOPH)- State of Qatar (Formerly known as Qatar Council for HealthCare Practitioners (QCHP))

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Department of Healthcare Professions (DHP), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is the Sole authority responsible for the regulating of all healthcare practitioners​ working in both governmental and private healthcare sectors in the state of Qatar.

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The Department functions through three sections, which work in collaboration to improve healthcare quality and ensure patient safety. These Sections are:

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Registration and Licensing SectionFitness to Practice Section.Accreditation Section

The Registration & Licensing section in DHP regulates healthcare practitioners who wish to work in the State of Qatar with the objective of upgrading levels of targeted ​ healthcare services in order to maintain the health quality of residents in the State of Qatar, and to adopt unified policies approved by DHP, regardless of the certificate’s origin or the applicant’s home country.

The section consists of different teams, each working on one of the following professions:

PhysiciansDentistsNursesPharmacists​Allied Healthcare Practitioners

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DHP-MOPH provides computer-located examination (Prometric) for 15 categories of healthcare practitioners as follows:

1.General Practitioner150 MCQs,

3 hours

60%General Practitioner2.General Dentist150 MCQs,

3 hours

60%General Dentist3.Pharmacist150 MCQs,

3 hours

60%Pharmacist4.Registered General Nurse150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Registered General Nurse5.Registered Midwife150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Registered Midwife6.Lab Technologist150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Lab Technologist


7.Lab Technician150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Lab Technician8.Radiology Technologist150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Radiology Technologist9.Radiology Technician150 MCQs,

3 hours

50%Radiology Technician10.Physiotherapist150 MCQs,

3 hours


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إعلانات وظائف صحة و طب في قطر

   . منح جامعات ألمانيا القطريين 2022
   . We are hiring Highly Qualified registered nurses to be a part of our medical team
   . عاجلا لمجموعه طبيه عالميه لفروعها بجميع دول الخليج
   . عمال المستشفى النشطين والمؤهلين في الخارج بشكل عاجل.
   . جلب الحبيب قطر رد المطلقة 00966576251880 حمزة البلوشي شيخ روحاني سعودي
   . جلب الحبيب الريم رد المطلقة 0097334324973 حمد الذواودة شيخ روحاني بحريني
   . جلب الحبيب أم عبيرية رد المطلقة 009647702409700 الشيخ الروحاني حاجم المعامير
   . جلب الحبيب أم سيعيد رد المطلقة 00905527800080 الشيخ الروحاني معاذ خاطر، فك السحر
   . حبوب ليركا للبيع في قطر 00962789400011 متوفر حبوب ليريكا في قطر للبيع
   . حبوب اجهاض للبيع في قطر (٠٠٩٦٢٧٩٧٧٤٦٧٠٠) حبوب سايتوتك للبيع في الدوحة


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